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Best useful for BIG CARS (Fuel - Petrol & Engine above 1600 cc)

G11 is Product for all those Petrol car/SUV/MUVowners, who is concerned about the environment and would like to CONTRIBUTE by reducing Emission of Dangerous Co, HC, NOx and CO2 by 99+% and also save travel cost with improved mileage of their Cars in a city.Saves Money & Saves Environment as GREENTECH FUEL SAVER helps in burning fuel 100%, Enhances Mileage more than 10% with near 0% emission of CO, CO2, Nitrogen, hydrocarbons.


  • Improved Engine Performace
  • Enhanced HorsePower.
  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Minimizes Exhaust Emissions
  • Environmental Friendly Vehicle

  • The G11 model is most suitable for all types Large Petrol/Gasoline vehicles with Engine size above 1800 cc, similar range like Toyota Innova and in International Market specifically positioned for Petrol/Gasoline Generators having tank capacity of 100 Liters.
  • The product is based on IP-Patended 'Molecular Reaction Technology' - the fuel molecule enhancer property of product works on the aggregation of molecules
  • and changes larger molecule clusters into smaller ones or even a single molecule by breaking the 'Van der Waals' force between the fuel molecules.
  • Such small and single molecules when arrive in engine, burn completely irrespective of vehicle being certified for Bharat Stage 2, 3 or 4,
  • As a result, Your Pollution under Control (PUC) check would reflect more Oxygen and negligible traces of harmful gases.
  • Product installation in easy & simple - just drop in the Fuel tank, it does not affect the vehicle warranty because there is no modification work on the vehicle as GREENTECH FUEL SAVER works only on fuel and not on the vehicle.Product life is 10+ years and you could recover investments in this product less than a year - for family cars and within a few months for commercial vehicle.
  • Products starts working within 30 minutes and you could feel the driving experience as Engine delivers smooth and rich experience.
  • Over a period of time as the legacy deposited carbon particles & residues are exhausted out of the engine, the vehicle becomes much smoother and Environment Friendly.
  • PUC check before installation and PUC check after 2-3 weeks would show a noticeable difference.