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Name: Peter Kambouris

All Occasions Limousines

Location: Australia

Gasoline Type: Unleaded

Vehicle: Caprice


"Prior to the installation of MOLETECH Fuel Efficiency Technology, the stretch Caprice would normally use an average of 17.5 litres per 100 km. Once the Fuel Efficiency Technology was on board for week, I had noticed that my stretch was running a lot smoother and seemed to take off easier even with a full passenger load. At the end of the second week, I had noticed that my fuel consumption was 15.5 litres per 100 km. After 6 weeks, my average has dropped to 14 litres per 100km.This week, I'm eager to see the same results by installing another Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology in the Holden Caprice sedan. Overall I'm very happy with the outcome".


Name: Tony Shippick

Location: Epping, Victoria, Australia

Gasoline Type: Unleaded


"I installed Moletech in my 99 Ford Econovan after reading about it in a magazine, because the van is always carrying heavy tools and equipments. I have just been spending too much on fuel. After the installation, I noticed extra power immediately which was incrediblbe. Two weeks in, I started getting more mileage per tank. This increased from about 300 kms per tank to 350 kms. Moletech has been good to me and I've just bought another unit for my father's car for his birthday".


Name: Peter Moscardo (Truck Driver)
Auto Transporter Pty Ltd

Date: 20/06/2007

Location: Sydney,Australia

Gasoline Type: Diesel

Vehicle: 11.9 Litre Mitsubish


"I have been using Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology in my truck, a 11.0 litre Diesel Mitsubishi Prime Mover. I normally spend around $100,000 per year on fuel. After installing Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology, I've noticed a solid 5% saving which gives me $5,000 savings per year. Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology is easy to install, maintenance free and it works"!.


Name: Pete Darkhasti (Taxi Driver)

Date: 12/07/2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Gasoline Type: LPG (Fills tank twice a day)

Vehicle: Ford Falcon


"I keep good records of fuel usage and my cab has been consistently using about 20 litres of LPG per 100 km. After installing Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology, I've gained an increase in mileage of 20%. A fantastic result. Overall, Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology has produced more horsepower and increased in mileage. Thank you Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology".


Name: Tony Spence

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Gasoline Type: Unleaded

Vehicle: Harley Davidson Motorcycle


"It has always been my dream to own a Harley Davidson, now that I finally own one, I mist give it the best and take good care of it. Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology does that to my bike. It has made my bike run a lot smoother. I've noticed the difference in my fuel savings. It doesn't seem much when it only takes $20 to fill up, but when you do the sum over time, it adds up to be a lot of money. I am on track to save a lot of money. After this all good experience with the product, I will be using Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology in ALL vehicles that I own both now and in the future. Thank you Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology.".


Name: Anthony Perta

J & M Perta Building and Maintenance
+61 3 9478 6155

Location: Preston, Victoria

Gasoline Type: Unleaded

Vehicle: Ford F-250


"Thank you for introducing Moletech Fuel Efficiency Technology to our company. As you are aware I recently installed our product into one of our vehicles which is a Ford F250. One week after installation I had taken annual leave and traveled to outback Australia with this vehicle.On my travels, I filled in a log book and I am amazed with the fuel consumption. The capacity of the fuel tank is 140 Liters. I averaged around 630 Kms - 650 Kms per tank. After installing your product, I am averaging 780 Kms - 830 Kms. With this response, I will gradually have your product installed to our motor fleet. I highly recommend your product to anybody wanting to save fuel being motor fleet or personal use".

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